Digital Classes

Given the COVID-19 measures, the course will proceed in a digital fashion. The lectures will be given live using Microsoft (MS) Teams, and will be recorded. The lab meetings will be given in MS Teams as well.

To let the online course proceed smoothly, a couple of instructions and remarks:


  • The slides for each lecture will be made available through teams before each lecture
  • During the lectures you can ask questions via the chat. Besides the course lecturer, there will be a moderator to answer your questions or notify the lecturer on your question.
  • To make sure that you can stay focused during the lectures, we will have a break more often, and the length of the lectures will be somewhat reduced.
  • The lectures will be recorded. Please note that it is not allowed to make your own recordings, nor to share the recordings that are made with others (for more information on UU guidelines, see:

Lab meetings:

  • The labs will contain interactive parts, where you break away in small groups to work together on exercises and for discussion (group compositions will be announced during the labs). During these smaller group sessions, we kindly ask you to switch your camera and microphone on, to stimulate interaction.
  • Answers to the lab meetings will be uploaded the day after the lab on the course website (
  • The lab meetings are not recorded; also note you are not allowed to make recordings yourself (for more information on UU guidelines, see:
  • You are kindly asked to switch on your camera (and microphone) when discussing your questions with the teacher. If you have questions about R, it is handy if you can also share your screen.